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Welcome to where you belong!

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We have a story to tell

Every idea starts with a challenge, ours was different, we wanted to get the people of Phi come closer, together.

During the past 6 years, Phi has worked tirelessly to bring the brightest minds together from all disciplines in the region under one, inclusive platform for science and innovation. The trust and belief we have seen have exceeded not only our own expectations but also every researcher, expert, government official, and high-profile executive that has attended one of our events. Your excitement and thirst for knowledge have always been our motive to do everything possible to support your science journey. Our people are more like a puzzle game, each person has their own unique keys of capabilities, yet when they come together, they click, and form a beautiful image the world has not seen before. We believe that each and every Phi member has great potential on their own, and an even greater potential when joined with like-minded science innovators.

Why Phi Membership?

You are special, join in like-minded special individuals, and access exclusive benefits.

Become Part of the Family

Join a private group of like-minded science enthusiasts, academics, and professionals. Access members-only content, activities, meet-ups, and countless networking opportunities.

Level-up your Professional Skills

Get at least 30% discount on All Phi workshops and events. Gain Priority Access to learning market-demanded skills in Scientific Research, Artificial Intelligence and latest Technology.

Support the Cause

Phi Science Institute is a non-profit organization, by becoming a member you are supporting our mission to enable thousands of young researchers to find a place that gets them together for science.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: all you need to be phi member is being motivated, passionate and welling to learn and discover in science despite your age, discipline or location.

Answer: Phi membership duration is one year, you will receive an email before your membership ends to remind you.

Answer: he registration will begin on the day we launch it. and It will remain open.

Answer: Volunteering opportunities are typically available for everyone through our ambassadors network. On the other hand, being an active member, can increase your chances of getting accepted to volunteer as an ambassador.

Answer: You can reach this point by making new connections and proving your qualifications through your engagement in the community. Also, we will be working in the upcoming period in offering exclusive opportunities for our community.